11 August 2012 @ 04:14 pm
I've come to realize that as much as I love my Kindle, I really do enjoy reading traditional books.  And, while I love the e-ink display (And I really do), reading words on a page is much more easier on my eyes.

I read Riordan's The Lost Hero last week in an afternoon.  It was good, though I've never read a Percy Jackson book.  (Something [livejournal.com profile] hannanora thinks I should recitify.) I am a little worried about

the love triangle that seems to have been foreshadowed. Because, dude, there is nothing that turns me away from a book/tv show/movie/etc. than that plot device.

But, overall, a fun read! :D :D

Yup, I'm cheating by using my Kindle tag, LOL
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26 April 2012 @ 01:21 pm
So, last week I did absolutely nothing fandom based--no LJ, no Tumblr, no ff.net, no AO3--you get the point.

I did some crafting, but I am one of those people are like a pinball hobbyist...I bounce from one thing to another.  Soon, I found myself a little bored.  So, I went over to Amazon and was like, "Dude, I will download me some free books!"

Now, I've had my Kindle forever so I know that the chances of finding a good book for free (that isn't a classic) is slim, but I have managed to find a few, so I figured why not?

I got some actiony-romance books, I got some a couple of YA books, I even got a fluffy book.

I read them all because I always have that hope that, maybe, just maybe, the story will improve as it continues. They were all...blah.  (Some were worse than others, but I will never bash a book by title because I know that, though I cringe at the editing errors, over-the-top clichés, and shallow characters, the author obviously cares about the world she/he created.)

There was some good that came from all that mediocre reading: I realize how lucky I am to have snagged my husband.


Because based on all the reading that I did, I realize that unless I like horses or run for a hobby, I clearly am not a Woman Who Wants a Man. 

It is obvious to me now that any man who is worth his salt has horse riding as a secret hobby.  And if you want to get close to him, then you'd better be comfortable around a horse or else he might not feel like he can open up to you the way he can with his filly.  When you go on a ride with your Love Interest, he'll finally be able to confess his burning love for you, but admit that he would only feel comfortable telling you that if he was on his Special Trail that no one* else knows about.

*except his previous lovers

Or, if you live in a suburb, then you should totally run.  This is good for several reasons: 1.) It tells your Love Interest, "Hey! I am physically fit."  And we know how important it is for chicks to care about their outside appearance. 2.) It gives you time to have Thinky Thoughts about your Love Interest! This provides an opportunity for your attraction to evolve to lust and, eventually, Desperation. 3.) It allows your Love Interest to swoop in a save the day when something goes wrong! Strange man starts talking to you during your run? Bam! Not anymore! Your Love Interest just "happens" to be walking down the street at the same time you were out for your run. Or maybe you twisted your ankle during your run! Guess who is going to drive by in his pickup truck?

Honestly, I have no idea how I even managed to catch Babe's interest.  I don't like horses and the only time I run is, um, well, never. Inspired by the quality reading, and not wanting my girls to be lonely, I signed them up for horse riding lessons AND the track team.  Now they can't say I never did anything for them.
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