05 June 2012 @ 09:45 am
I don't know if I have ever written a response for every suggestion given to me in a "give me a prompt" meme before today.

I guess I was in a shippy mood. Or something.  Strange for the self-proclaimed Gen Girl. (Yes, it's my superhero name.)

They were all a blast to write.  Coming up with the titles was the best too. 

The list:

The Complexity of Human Emotions, Tangled, Rapunzel/Eugene
Lines of Communication, The Avengers, Natasha/Clint
Implausible Deniability, Push, Nick/Cassie
Fallout, The Avengers, Pepper/Tony
Reborn, Reunited, Repurposed, Halo, Cortana/John
Persuasion, Prince of Persia, Dastan/Tamina

Or, over at my fic journal.

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