08 January 2009 @ 01:32 pm
I made a group of icons for some of the folks over at [community profile] fandom_stockingVarious series: The Dredsen Files/ X-Files/ST:TNG/National Treasure 2
A couple of pic fics are on their way...but I'll post them tomorrow probably. :D :D :D

Icon Goodness )

Short Fringe fic.  Spoilers for "Safe".  A little Astrid drabble.

Reading is fun! )

SGA drabble.  John and Teyla friendship, season 1.

Click click!! )

SGA fic. A little different for me. Yeah...that's all I say. :D Rated PG-13...just in case. :D :D

The Ancients and Those Pesky Machines

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