11 August 2012 @ 04:14 pm
The joys of reading  
I've come to realize that as much as I love my Kindle, I really do enjoy reading traditional books.  And, while I love the e-ink display (And I really do), reading words on a page is much more easier on my eyes.

I read Riordan's The Lost Hero last week in an afternoon.  It was good, though I've never read a Percy Jackson book.  (Something [livejournal.com profile] hannanora thinks I should recitify.) I am a little worried about

the love triangle that seems to have been foreshadowed. Because, dude, there is nothing that turns me away from a book/tv show/movie/etc. than that plot device.

But, overall, a fun read! :D :D

Yup, I'm cheating by using my Kindle tag, LOL
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